Saturday, July 28, 2012


I'll NEVER fry bacon again!

Now that I have discovered baking bacon, I'll be happy to throw away my frying pan.

Although I have always loved the taste of fried bacon, I HATED the mess that was left behind. Even with a splatter guard, I always seemed to have grease droplets on the counter...the cabinet doors...the stove.


From now on, I'll be baking bacon in the oven...350' for 15 minutes was perfect for our taste. If you prefer crispier bacon...add a few minutes. And, if you wish to have a little bit of sweetness...add a sprinkling of brown sugar.


(The pan you see in my oven is a Flexipat by Demarle at Home.  The bacon grease pours right off the pan...And for any of you southern girls who use bacon dripping for seasoning your veggies, you can pour the drippings right into your jar! The pan cleans up with a quick wash with soap and water. 
My kind of clean up!!!


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rjerdee said...

oh my, you wouldn't approve of my "bacon" habit~~turkey bacon in a microwave between paper towels :)