Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today, in the elevator at my mother’s retirement residence, I met several seasoned citizens…70s and above. Some had a joie de vivre; others seemed to be waiting to pass from this earth. Then there is Mom…a spirited 90 year old woman who has little patience for all the “old people” around her. She gardens, has joined the “Friendship Committee” to welcome the newcomers to the residence, she drives to church and to a few of the stores in her neighborhood, she plays Bingo every Thursday and Saturday, and she bakes cookies and breads to share with her fellow residents. Wherever she goes, she spreads JOY. Although she still misses Dad (and after 67 years of marriage who wouldn’t), she reaches out to those who need a cheerful smile or a listening ear. She is a wonderful work of God’s creation! I want to be like her…….

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One Shabby Old House said...

Like the violets that she gave me have a way of spreading everywhere they grow so is your mother's joy. I have been blessed by it.
I want to be like mom too.
Hugs to her from me