Monday, November 23, 2009

Shoppe Around the Corner

Have you ever walked into a retail establishment and felt you were at home? Well that's what happened to me the first time I walked into Shoppe Around the Corner, a delightful gift shop in Historic downtown Palm Harbor. Now, I am not talking about that Norman Rockwell kind of hominess, I am talking about finding a store where almost everything item is something you would personally choose, if money was no object...HOME!

Right now, this wonderful shop(pe) is dressed up for the holidays...a true feast for the eyes...and believe it or not, it's already been raided by those earlybirds who know that they will find unique gifts and Christmas decor within the walls of this little store. According to Deborah, the shop's manager and decorator, this little white tree was completely filled a with Christmas treasures from the sea just a week ago. Those ornaments which are still hanging are uniquely decorated sea-life. We, who have discovered The Shoppe Around the Corner return time and again, not only for the beautiful items in the store, but for the warmth and care extended by all who work there.

Now...if these photos and the commentary aren't enough enticement for you to visit, perhaps you will be intrigued by this link... The Shoppe Around the Corner is a not-for-profit establishment, with all the proceeds going to the Neighborly Care Network, a health and wellness program for seniors and their families. These services include Meals on Wheels and a pharmacy for seniors and their families in our community. When you purchase a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you are giving TWICE!

IF you are one of our "locals"...or if you are visiting the Tampa Bay area of Florida, please stop by The Shoppe Around the Corner, in the charming downtown area of Palm Harbor, and be sure to tell Deborah that you read about the shoppe here...on the blog. I guarantee you will not walk out empty-handed...or without a mind filled with decorating ideas.


Barbara Jean said...

awesome store. great idea!

barbara jean

Moore Minutes said...

Oh, I would love to shop that store. I have a store close to my heart downtown where I live called "Seasons to Follow".

I was thinking of you today and wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, please don't give up on me! ;) I received your email, etc and am going to write you back soon! I'm terribly slow sometimes but I love hearing from you and am grateful that you took the time to answer my tablescape questions, etc. Talk to you soon. <3

Eileen said...

Oh, I love store's like that!
You were lucky to find it!

I have a few favorite shops like that here in New York. One of my favorites is called 'Top Drawer', it's that same family of being 'HOME' when I walk through that door!

All the best,

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like a FAB place to shop!!! LOVE Christmas decor!

the old boathouse said...

What an amazing place!! How I wish I could visit, it looks like it is a place of love.

Shellbelle said...

I love this store! I used to be a volunteer for Neighborly Care in their Meals-On-Wheels program, so I know firsthand the good that the proceeds achieve.

I've missed you Jane and hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

BTW, I used to be married to a guitar player, so I understand the love/frustration with instruments in the house. I used to tell people my home was decorated in Early Guitar Store Style. lol. Sorry to hear some of the guys got the H1N1 virus, I know it was brutal. said...

Finding a shop like this is a treasure in itself Jane. It looks amazing. Loved reading about your hubby and you + coffee....Thanks for sharing.

prashant said...

Looks like a FAB place to shop

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