Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Been a Year! and a Give-Away

It's here...the anniversary of Artfully Graced, and the beginning of my new blog adventure. This has been a most enjoyable adventure filled with new ideas, new recipes, new crafts, and mini vacations to new places. But, best of all... this past year has been filled with new friendships.

Meeting all of you has been such a joy! I have learned so much from all of you...and shared laughter, prayers, and tears. I even had help with my Christmas shopping (thanks to JMac!)! The encouragement I have received for my new artsy endeavor has been overwhelming. All of you have kept me going... even when the imagination has been sluggish. And so many of the photos you have shared have been inspiring! (Becky (Beachsnaps)...the "wheelbarrow with coconut postcards" is now gracing the wall in my breakfast room! And the coconuts at Sharkey's is sketched, waiting for paint.) This blogging thing has been so much more that I ever dreamed it would be!

So, to celebrate...I am giving away one of my original coastal (hey, summer is almost here!) paintings. Since I cannot decide which painting to use...I will give the winner a choice between "Creeping Crabs" and "Beach Huts". Each of these painting have been done on gallery wrapped canvasses and can be hung as is.

There are two chances to win:
1. Leave me a comment on my blog.
2. Tell others about this give-away by posting it on your blog.

Just be sure to tell me about it...
I will draw the name of the lucky winner Monday, April 26.

Thanks for following me in this crazy adventure....



Kat said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary! What a generous way to celebrate. Isn't this an amazing adventure? I love the two painting you chose as your gifts, especially the beach huts - loved that one the first time I saw it. Off to post a link! Kathy

M & M said...

Fun to check on your adventures here just as you can keep up with ours.
Yeah for a year of blogging! I too especially love the beach huts!

RottenMom said...

Happy Bloggy Anniversary! Thanks for including us in your "crazy adventures"! Here's to another great year of ARTFULLY GRACED!

RottenMom said...

I tweeted you and wanted to let you know just in case you can count that as an entry!

@RottenMom Please check out my friend Jane's Beautiful Blog! She's giving away 1 of her original paintings!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love both of the paintings, Jane!! They're so happy and playful, and on canvas too, which I love as well. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your works -I keep my fingers crossed!!!!

Maya said...

Jane..., would you mind replacing my old blog A Beach Lovers Place on your blogroll with my new one Daily Vitamin Sea..., I'll ad you to my blogroll there too. I link this comment DVS. Thanks so much!!!

rjerdee said...

Hi Jane,
I love it that you painted up my wheelbarrow photo from Matlacha! How fun...someday I hope to see it.
Meanwhile, congrats on your anniversary and generous giveaway. Sign me up for the beach huts grab-bag.
xx Becky

Maya said...

Jane, I just blogged about your fab giveaway on Daily Vitamin Sea here:

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Unknown said...

Your art is so fresh and colorful. I love both paintings, but the beach huts one belongs on the wall of our newly enclosed deck. Seriously... it belongs there. :-D

Ms. Bake-it said...

Congratulations on your one year blogiversary Jane! What a fabulous giveaway! I love your paintings!

~ Tracy

Ms. Bake-it said...

I forgot to tell you that I blogged about your giveaway!

~ Tracy

The Hot Heads Groupie said...

Followed a link (on the dailyvitaminsea site) and I had to come over. I love the pics! Both paintings are great! I know just where I'd put the beach huts one though. I'm crossing my fingers! :)

Sue said...

I love the beach are really talented! Congrats on the anniversary.

Deanna said...

Dearest Jane,
One year of blogging...this is fantastic.
Leaving you a comment and hope I win.

God Bless,
d from homehaven

Tootie said...

Happy Aniversary and keep the posts coming. I'm happy you come to visit me too! :)

Anonymous said...

Just had to comment on the beach huts. Such beautiful, happy colors! Love it. And, happy anniversary.

Supply Your Soul said...

Hi -love you paintings and enjoyed your blog. I'm now following. I also tweeted it. BTW, my goal is the same as yours - to be able to walk on the beach every day! Someday...

Splenderosa said...

Jane, thank you for telling us about Crescent Beach, my daughter lives in Orlando (doesn't like) so this would be a fine place to visit. I'm a new follower because you sound like a woman I would love to know. Love your artwork, ladybug and your work, marriage, children, etc.; wow, what a resume. Have a lovely weekend.
And, yes I'll put a link on my blog today about you and your artwork. Happy to. xx's

Loui♥ said...

Love your coastal paintings..
I want the beach huts!!!
but the creeping crabs would also nicely do!!
heading back to blog about this FABULOUS giveaway!
warmest hugs..

Loui♥ said...

Hi Jane ..
Just posted on my blog..
all about your celebration..
and a link back to your giveaway!
It is always a pleasure celebrating another's success!
specially with a fellow artist and beach lover!!
hugs and smiles..

Debbie said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! I came across your blog from a fellow blogger and am glad to have found you. Love your name and look forward to following. Please add me to your giveaway and I posted about it on my blog :

God bless, Deb

jmac said...

OMG!!! cannot believe I almost missed out on this one......I would LOVE to have a piece of you in my lakehouse, ms. jane. My name twin!!!
Will make sure to post about yur giveaway on my blob....all my peeps already know all about you, tho!! heeeheeeeheeee!!

Loui♥ said...

Jane.. somehow I stumbled upon your blog a while back..and fell in love!
your beachyness is right up my alley..
used to paint with acrylics..
but that was before Arthur Ritis took over my hands..
paintbrushes are simply too unwieldy now..
so instead, I paint with my camera..
Yes.. my sis and I are super friends..
so very opposite , yet alike in so many ways..
as our parents have been deceased for many years now, we cling to the last bit of remaining family..
so when I "go home" , it is always to her house in Panama City, where I have a designated room..
and free rein to work in her flower beds to my heart content..clean and rearrange her house..
and have dinner all ready when she comes home from work..later we'll grab a glass and the cameras , heading out for sunset..
hopefully next year will see me and mine safely moved back to my native soil of the Florida panhandle... somewhere close by my sis..
stop by and visit anytime..
Iced tea or hot coffee..
always ready..
warmest hugs..

Simple Daisy said...

Blogging ROCKS:)
I would be so honored to one a piece of your art!!! I know just the perfect spot I would hang it!!!
You are sooooo talented:)

Frugal Maven said...

Just found your blog. Congrats on a whole year! Keeping my fingers crossed for a win. They are both lovely.

Bama Belle said...

OH CONGRATS!! I am SOOOOO proud of you, my blog birthday was during the move : ( So I will be giving away this week! The paintings are PERFECT for my new home!!! I would adore it! PUT ME IN!! said...

Oh Jane, congrats and Happy Birthday my dear. Love both of these!

Beach Tropic said...

How clever of you to be such an amazing artist with a fabulous eye for colour!!
I love the beach huts, and your blog.