Thursday, September 30, 2010

Becky's Quilts...Art House Fall Edition

Becky has been hard at work, creating beautiful quilted throws, tabletoppers, wall hangings and more. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of her work. We will be offering her works of art for sale and at our Art House...Fall Edition. She will also take orders for custom items. Becky has an "eye" for color and unusual fabric combinations. And she rarely makes the same quilted item twice.

This is the front of one of her custom baby quilts.

And this is the back. Notice the Nameplate on the back. Becky names all of her quilts, signs and dates them. She usually includes a painting or a pieced pattern that compliments the design.

This is one of her "signatures" on the back of a quilt...just to give you an idea of what she does. Isn't this beautiful!!! And below, you can see an example of her unusual fabric choices. This throw is GORGEOUS!

These Christmas wall hangings are lovely. I have already purchased a couple of them to give as gifts.
(She will have several "fall" items, too."

This is my FAVORITE table runner. The colors are scrumptious! And I have already tried my green, red, and cream stoneware dishes with it. Gorgeous!!!

We sure hope you are able to stop by Art House...if you are in the Tampa Bay area. If any of these examples "strikes your fancy", let me know. Becky is pleased to make commissioned items. The fabrics may not be exactly the same, but they will be me.

Hope to see you...

Art House
Saturday, October 9
10am - 3pm

For directions to Art House, please email me at


Drawn to The Sea said...

Beautiful textile artistry. The second photo really catches my eye. I so admire someone who can create such pretty things.

rjerdee said...

I sent you an email to get directions to your sale but never heard here's another request. I want to come to your sale :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

How fun! Love your background too!

jmac said...

Neat neat stuff! Quilting is such a time honored craft....wish I had the patience.
Your art day looks to be so fun....and I love your tropical stuff! Look at my crabs ALL the time and smile, thinking of you!

Ms. Bake-it said...

I love the throw with all the blues! It is gorgeous! Love that runner!

~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

HAM SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!