Friday, April 22, 2011


Easter and Easter bunnies always bring to mind my momma's Easter cake...and cupcakes. Beginning the week before Easter, Momma would start the process of making these darling creatures...then she would make cupcakes until they were covering every flat surface in our kitchen. These were the special treats she would give to all the kids in the our classmates...and then, when I was a teacher, to the children in my classroom. The cake, itself, was just a "box cake" (usually yellow), the frosting was always homemade, but the decorations were so very special. Momma never relied on store-bought Peeps (my absolute favorite Easter treat) for her bunnies, she made them herself, using a single large marshmallow, some frosting, and a tiny bit of pink crepe paper. We kids always made a contest out of who could eat the bunny without removing the pink paper. (She finally began decorating the ears with pink keep us from eating the crepe paper!)

To make Greatma's Bunnies:

1 large marshmallow
scissors (spray with a little bit of non-stick spray, such as Pam)
pink frosting
pink crepe paper (i don't use this anymore - too much trouble to remove before eating!)

Cut the marshmallow about 1/3 down from the top. DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!

Fold the cut edge until it stands up. This makes the face/head.

Where the marshmallow bends, either make a tiny cut or pinch a tiny gash and press the "face"onto the raw, sticky gash. The head is now standing up a bit.

With the scissors, cut a V into the top of the face...just a short way down. This makes the ears.

Use the little cut piece to make the it onto the "butt".

Make little pink eyes and nose with the frosting. (Put a little frosting on the backs of the ears if desired.)

Frost a cupcake with Chocolate frosting (it's the dirt)...or any flavor you wish. Place the "bunny" into the frosting. Sprinkle a little coconut (tinted a light green) around the bunny. Press a few jelly beans (eggs) into the soft frosting. Let stand for a little while so the bunny and eggs have a chance to stick. Enjoy!

After years and years of making these special Easter Bunnies for her kids, grandkids, GREATgrandkids, and all their friends...Mom has continued her tradition, by making these adorable treats for all of her friends at her retirement residence. She is now 92 years old! Since she moved into the residence, she has baked cookies to share with the residents. She is called "The Cookie Lady". However, at Easter, she makes these cupcakes for all...and her name changes to
"The Easter Bunny Lady".
Picture this....Momma pushing along with her "fancy-dancy walker" (we always have a seasonal bow on her walker, so she will know which one is hers in the "parking garage")...cookies or cupcakes balanced on the seat. She is the most popular lady on these days.....

Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter.


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Loui♥ said...

Dearest Jane!
what a delightful post!
it is so sad that more folks don't actually LIVE life once they've moved to an assisted living facility!
Thank the Lord above for sweet spunky folks like your mom!! She's gotta be such a joy!
Easter blessings to you and her..

rjerdee said...

No kidding! that's how she makes the (peeps) bunnies? Your mom is awesome...a lively little one!
Hope you have a lovely Easter, Jane!

Anna said...

He has risen indeed. Thanks for the fun cupcake idea. My kids would love making these.
Also congratulations on gaining another daughter,
anna w.

Shellbelle said...

This is so darn cute! (The peeps and your momma!)

Now I want to make some, just so I can make bunny butts!

Happy Easter my dear, sweet friend!

jmac said...

Precious!! Will have to make these with ms. Lilli next yr!!
Ok.......did you just say "when I taught school"?? When, what and how long did you teach? Because guess what?? I used to teach school too!! bwahahahahahahahahaha.......add one more thing to the list!!!!

Rattlebridge Farm said...

So adorable! Your step-by-step instructions are awesome!

Lori said...

These are so cute!! Thanks for sharing!