Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Year....

Fifty-eight years old...where has the time gone? I still don't feel like I have that many years behind me. In fact, there are days I think I'm still in my 20s!!! And I certainly do not look like the 58-year-old women portrayed on gray hair (and no salon hair color, thank you very much!) In fact, my hair seems to be getting blonder!  My face has few more wrinkles...and it sags a little under the chin. My joints do not ache too much...but it IS difficult getting up from the floor. (YUK!) Yeah, I am carrying around a few too many pounds...but I am still working on that. And this spring, I became a PWD - person with diabetes.  (And I am working hard to reverse that!) And then, I catch a glance of my reflection in a mirror or window and I wonder "who is that old woman?".Where has the time gone? That's the question I ask each year...

The past 58 years began with the usual growing up years: school and all the activities which go along with that...then college (3 of them...Mercer, FSU, and USF). With all the college transferring, I met some truly amazing people. But much to my regret, I did not make those really "close" college friends that follow you through life. I married a wonderful man, taught bright young kindergarten and first grade children for several years, then began to have my own brood. I worked hard to settle our family into many different communities as we moved with MacDaddy's jobs. Together, MacDaddy and I raised three incredible sons. Thanks to our unorthodox education plan...home school, plus private school, plus public school, plus college...our sons have learned to think for themselves - outside the proverbial box. Each has chosen his own path...not the roads I always "thought" they would take. But how could I ever expect anything differently from my boys? They love their family, love their country, and, most importantly, they love God. They are all self-sufficient! And in the past couple of years, two of them have married wonderful young women...the kind for whom we have been praying since the day they were born! For what more could a mother ask?

I have made some wonderful friends in my life...the kind that you might not see very often, but you always pick right up where the conversation last ended. These are those wonderful people with whom  I "do life". I have also deepened my friendship with my sister. Having her live just a couple of hours away has truly been a blessing! And I have made some wonderful friends in the world of blogging. Now this, I find amazing! The women I have met "here" have been so encouraging...even more so than my family!!! Meeting up with several of them has been a joy. And there are some I so look forward to meeting in person, one of these days ( hear that?)
Through my 58 years, I have held many different jobs...I have been a speaker on many diverse topics, a youth group leader, an administrative assistant for a HUGE youth program, a Bible teacher (never thought I could do this!), a craft instructor, a designer, an artist, a wedding planner, a party and event planner, a fundraiser, the team mom for many sports teams, and a sales and marketing consultant with three separate companies. I've even been on TV!  Some of these jobs paid, some were strictly voluntary. As my nest emptied, I approached the next life question many of us ask: What do I want to be when I grow up? 

Well, for the past year, I have been concentrating totally on my painting. I have found fulfillment in doing this. And I have actually sold quite a few paintings. Most importantly, I LOVE painting...and creating. I find it to be relaxing, motivating, satisfying, frustrating...well, you get the idea. Now, I need to see how far I can go with this passion. Who knows...    

Have I grown up? Who knows. Will I find a new passion? Well...I guess that will be determined as I move throughout my life.  After all, life is a journey...........and I am going to enjoy the trip!

Happy Birthday to me!


Moore Minutes said...

Jane, I just LOVE you and love that I have the pleasure of knowing you. I have MUCH respect for how you've raised your family and I want to be like you when I'm 58 (especially the hair! hehe). HAPPY SWEETEST BIRTHDAY to one incredible woman! My favorite thing about you is your WISDOM. You have a treasure bucket of wisdom tucked into your spirit and I am blessed to learn from you.

RottenMom said...

Happy Birthday you gorgeous woman! I love a woman who is not afraid to post her age on her blog! You absolutely do not look 58!

Ps.I just had a Bday on the 2nd, I should have guessed you were a Cancer, many similarities!

Kaybe said...

Happy happy birthday Jane!
You are the perfect example of a woman not afraid to try new things, not afraid to follow her dreams, & willing to reinvent herself along the way. I think that's called "going from glory to glory". May this year be your most blessed year ever!


Kelley said...

Jane, I must say I loved every word, Your are a lovely and blessed person,

Happy Birthday to you!


rjerdee said...

Hey Jane! It's HAPPY BIRTHDAY time!!! Ring-a-ding-ding! Really enjoyed reading this post...and thanks for the encouragement over at my place. You're the best!

I'm a little late with my birthday wishes but hope your day was everything wonderful.

M & M said...

Happy Birthday! You look exactly the same as years ago when we knew you in Plano! Yeah for young genes...
And what a testimony your life has been throughout the years!

Unknown said...

happy happy..Thanks for visitingthe pokadot picnic table.
I think age is an attitude.,,and you have a great one.
jane (too) Coslick

jmac said...

Happy Happy Birfday, my soul sistah!! (cannot believe we don't have the same birthdays!)
One of these days, when we spend face time together...and it WILL be a partay....we can sing happ happ birthday to each other for reals!!!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Happy Birthday! What a fantastic post Jane! No, you do not look your age. You are a gorgeous, incredible and inspiring woman! You have the wisdom of your age and then some, but you have a youthful spirit. Love the family photo but where is Rowdy? Life truly is an amazing journey.


Deanna said...

Dearest Jane, A very happy 'belated' Birthday to you!!!! and many mmmmooooorrrrreeeee!!!
Happy Birthday to a great Lady. 58!!!

Jane, I enjoyed reading about you and what you have been up to. Wonderful that you prayed for your children's spouses when they were so young. Awesome.

You have a lovely family and have touched many lives with all the places you have lived and all the things you have done.

Last night I was recounting the places we had lived and how many times we had moved. 19 I think. It is something I never dreamed I would do and making our homes comfortable through the years for the kids and hubby was a work-out.

Jane, It's alright that you didn't make a lot of College friends to stay in touch with through the have made friends along life's path that have blessed you more so than college ones would have...right? Right. True blessings.

My birthday is in a few days and I will be 56. So I'm just a heartbeat away from you in age!

May we enjoy every day and praise God for it.

Anna said...

Happy birthday! Now with four kids of our own, I think it is tremendous that you never shrank from having the entire browns over years ago. Still remember spaghetti dinner by Mr. M and your chocolate Austrian ecstacy cake is one of my hubbie's favorites. Here's to many more years of friends and fellowship.

Completely Coastal said...

It is funny how one does feel the same on some level..., but the body changes. You seem to have had many lives, Jane!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

MissBliss said...

Happy Birthday! "meeting" you through Linda's blog :) Your pina coladas in the blender sounded good!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Jane!A life well lived, indeed!

To many more....and finding new passions!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday...sounds like you did! And you do look great for 58! I'm older than you but I don't think I look like the 'grandmas' on TV! I feel young and have a ball! I know you do, too! I'm a new follower! ♥ Hugs! ♥