Tuesday, September 9, 2014


TIME FLIES...when you're having fun.

I don't know where the time has gone. My last post was in MAY!!!

What have I done since then???

     End of May - traveled to Miami Beach with MacDaddy. I love when I can tag along! We stayed in the W Hotel, right on Miami Beach. We had a beautiful suite with a wonderful view of the ocean and the city of Miami.  I love going to south Florida! It's so much fun getting into the car and exploring on my own. There are great restaurants, incredible shopping and interesting museums. (It's a shame that MacDaddy has to work and cannot explore with me.)

     June was filled with lots of granddaughter days. Eva and I had "Shammy Tuesdays (and many Thursdays). These days were full of excursions to visit Greatma, visits to The Fresh Market ("to get some peanut butter"), and playtime and clothes at Stellie Bellies. And, of course, we made up songs for each adventure. Gosh, I miss these days!
Miss Eva certainly has style! She's wearing Auburn pajamas with her tutu and princess crown.

    July (my birthday), MacDaddy took me to Vero Beach and the cutest boutique hotel...owned by Gloria Estefan....the Casa d'Este. We also had a great visit with dear friends...and new friends. It was a great way to spend my birthday...and the 4th of July.

     In early August, MacDaddy had another meeting in Orlando, at the Gaylord. While he worked, I hung out with our son, Music Guy. He and his friend joined me at the hotel for dinner and exploring the massive atrium (we got lost!) The next day, he took me to several of his favorite haunts. It was so much fun!!!

(This was in the atrium...and they even had feeding times for the guests to see.)
     The rest of July and part of August was spent packing up our home of 20+ years. I tossed and donated at least 20 carloads of stuff...and still filled a huge dumpster, a moving van, and a gigantic storage unit. It was a well orchestrated (HA!) move of storing our belongings and packing our cars for a temporary move to St. Augustine. We moved into our condo on Aug. 16 and will stay until November...and maybe longer. This is a great opportunity for us to see if we like living here...

     Now I wake to this every day...

     And I'm loving every minute! Our son, Drummer Boy, and his beautiful wife, Kate, spent 9 days with us. Boy did we have fun! And our other sons, WineGuy, his beautiful wife, Julie, and Miss Eva, Music Guy and his friend, CS, all joined us for Labor Day weekend...and the first Auburn football game. WDE!

     Now it's back to work...for MacDaddy. And relax and regroup time...and hopefully, painting... for me. I'll also be searching for a new place for us to hang our hats...back in Clearwater. Or maybe we'll stay in St. A. 

Time will's a new adventure!


jmac said...'re've been missed!!
and wow! you have been busy.
did you sell your house? and oh my..the thought of moving all the stuff outa our houses? not fun.
but I'm glad you're settled and from the looks of your surroundings, it's beautiful!!
and that eva is a doll!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hope you stay in St. Augustine! Of dose that is selfish on my part!


Sheila :-)