Wednesday, January 20, 2010

91 and Still Going Strong

Monday was my mother's 91st birthday. She is an amazing woman...and one of the most joyful people I know. Yes, she was thrown for a loop by my dad's death, but she has pulled herself together and gotten on with her life. Her goal is to bring joy to others...and she does!

On Sunday, we had a birthday celebration for her. All her children were there...and several of her grands and great-grands. "GreatMa" was in her element. Oh how she loves to be the center of attention! And she loved all her gifts!!! Interestingly, we all bought flowering bulbs for her to enjoy in her condo...jonquils, hyacinth, and tulips. She also received gorgeous hydrangeas, But her favorite gift of all was a calendar....with all the family birthdays and photos of every family member. My brother, P, and his wife, B, compiled this calendar and had it printed and bound for her...and for each sibling and their kids. Mom was totally speechless...for about 2 minutes, then she began to sing. She literally pranced all over the house...and of course, she sang about everything she saw...

Now you must understand...My mom has the voice of a frog! But she remembers each and every ditty that she has learned for the past 90 years. Mention the word, FLAG...and she "has a song for that". Say "GOAT" and she begins the rhyme, "A horse and a goat... No! I got a sore toe..."
(It drives all of us insane!!! But we still love her...and see the smiles she puts on other people's faces.)

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! (Doesn't she look great?!!!)


Bama Belle said...

She is beautiful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Oh if you want to email me I will send you those recipes!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Jane,

A big happy birthday to your beautiful Mom! She has a contagious smile! Just looking at her picture made me smile.

Thank you for sharing her with us.


(pc froze so if this is a duplicate comment from me, please just delete one)

Kat said...

She does look fantastic. And she has joy radiating from her smile. My grandmother used to sing little songs about everything. It embarrassed us at certain ages, but oh how I would love to have her around to sing them one more time! Kathy