Monday, January 3, 2011


That's the number of storage boxes it takes to store our Christmas decorations!!! 

Today I begin to store away all the holiday decorations...and I am starting to hyperventilate!!! There is too much stuff!!!

Each year I keep planning to cut back on what I do...and I truly have...But there is a part of me that "sees" ideas and wants to implement them...hence, more stuff!!! (Actually, this year I only purchased a few ornaments, a pair of gloves, some ribbon and plain brown paper. Not too bad...)

Then, the GROWN boys (and girls) insist that I use their favorite decorations and stockings. ("It's tradition", they say.) And of course that means all the Santas, Nutcrackers, Snowpeople, special artwork, etc. have to be on display. 
(I have suggested they take some of the items to their homes, but they refuse..."It belongs in your house, Mom.")

And where are these boys (and girls) when it's time to dismantle the HUGE (12 ft) tree (another tradition they insist upon...well I do like it, too.). Even MacDaddy is usually traveling somewhere and unavailable to help. (I'm beginning to think he plans his trips so he doesn't have to help...)

Maybe this year, I'll just cut the branches off the tree and leave it in the the corner...and make it a sign...or a 


I bet the guys would help carry it out, then....

So off I go to gather all the storage boxes...and maybe purchase a couple more...



jmac said...

I refuse to answer on the grounds that the little white coat guys will come take me away to the santacrazyfarm...

Moore Minutes said...

LOL, I used to do the SAME thing to my Mom...ask her to still use the traditional childhood decor. Those are the things that make home feel like home and extra special. It also means your kids and family have GOOD, happy memories in YOUR house! :) 25 boxes is a lot of boxes though...WOOOW. lol I have a lot too but I've never counted. :-/

Ms. Bake-it said...

My kids do the same thing and I did it when I helped Mom decorate the tree this year! Although, she is putting together a package of ornaments and bringing them down next month along with other things she is handing down to me. As for how many boxes I have... I really do not want to count... maybe next year! I know what you mean about taking all the stuff down and the lack of assistance! I typically do that on New Year's Day but strangely, there was no one around on that day to help! LOL


p.s. the word verification was "culles" although the incorrect spelling, it sounds the same and is appropriate for your post!

rjerdee said...

O, that's a heavy load, Jane. I've gone beyond that (I'm older than you) and begun to use the word simplify with great power! Every year, it's all about cutting back to the things that we no longer use...the things that are most important...maybe someday you'll get to be as old as I and find the strength to ditch some of that stuff and give yourself a lighter load to carry :) Best wishes, my friend, on your journey toward a lighter load.
bekcy (at beachsnaps)

Shellbelle said...

When I moved to Georgia I gave my daughter tons of stuff and sold some at a garage sale, I think I'm finally down to about 25 of those BIG storage containers. I swear, I'm going to get rid of a LOT more when I get settled in a new place. I swear, really I do. Want some?

sharin said...

When I mentioned getting rid of some older Christmas stuff the girls looked at me like I was insane and just insisted we continue to store it. ugh.

too. much. stuff!

But, I'll hang on to it. ;-)

We store a lot, but we certainly didn't put it all out. We couldn't. :P

And I wouldn't want to count the boxes. sheesh, just the thought !