Saturday, March 30, 2013

Greatma (my mother) has finally been moved out of the nursing unit at her residence and into assisted living, into the dementia unit. She is no longer able to make her traditional bunnies for Easter. We weren't even sure she would remember them. So yesterday, I took several dozen cupcakes with both Greatma's bunnies and Peeps toppers to the nursing staff, to thank them for all they have done for my mom. And would you believe, Mom recognized the marshmallow bunnies and got so excited that someone remembered her Easter treat....

And the tradition lives on....

This is a post I wrote a couple of years ago...on our family tradition of making marshmallow Easter Bunnies...

Easter and Easter bunnies always bring to mind my momma's Easter cake...and cupcakes. Beginning the week before Easter, Momma would start the process of making these darling creatures...then she would make cupcakes until they were covering every flat surface in our kitchen. These were the special treats she would give to all the kids in the our classmates...and when I became a teacher, she even made them for the children in my classroom. The cake, itself, was just a "box cake" (usually yellow), the frosting was always homemade, but the decorations were so very special. Momma never relied on store-bought Peeps (my absolute favorite Easter treat) for her bunnies, she made them herself, using a single large marshmallow, some frosting, and a tiny bit of pink crepe paper. We kids always made a contest out of who could eat the bunny without removing the pink paper. (She finally began decorating the ears with pink keep us from eating the crepe paper!)

To make Greatma's Bunnies:

1 large marshmallow
scissors (Dip your scissors in water before each sticking!)
pink frosting
pink crepe paper (i don't use this anymore - too much trouble to remove before eating!)

Cut the marshmallow about 1/3 down from the top. DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!

Fold the cut edge until it stands up. This makes the face/head.

Where the marshmallow bends, either make a tiny cut or pinch a tiny gash and press the "face"onto the raw, sticky gash. The head is now standing up a bit.

With the scissors, cut a V into the top of the face...just a short way down. This makes the ears.

Use the little cut piece to make the it onto the "butt".

Make little pink eyes and nose with the frosting. (Put a little frosting on the backs of the ears if desired.)

Frost a cupcake with Chocolate frosting (it's the dirt)...or any flavor you wish. Place the "bunny" into the frosting. Sprinkle a little coconut (tinted a light green)* around the bunny. Press a few jelly beans (eggs) into the soft frosting. Let stand for a little while so the bunny and eggs have a chance to stick. Enjoy!

Momma's memories are fleeting...she's suffering from Dementia. Perhaps she will remember these little bunnies...and the fun we had making them each year.

Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter.

* This year, I found edible Easter grass. It was a wonderful alternative to the green-dyed coconut.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I can't believe it! 
I COMPLETELY MISSED FEBRUARY!   And I broke my New Year's resolution
...writing at least 2 times a month. Here it is...March 16 and this is the first time I have even checked with my blog friends. My apologies...I really do care. It's just been difficult to write...

But I am still JOYFUL....even with the craziness around me. In fact, my joy increases abundantly, each time I think about my blessings...and there are MANY!


Mediation came and went. A waste of time. No resolution. 

Rowdy (my constant companion) passed away...very peaceful about this, but I really miss him!

Readied Mom's new apartment...closed the old one. Moving day was set for Tuesday.
Learned on Friday that Mom cannot be moved from the nursing care facility to the "Harmony Care" unit for another week or so. She needs more intensive training on safety issues....which she promptly forgets.(This has been up and down so many times. We're all frustrated and she is so unhappy. At least she doesn't remember that she was moving...even though we have visited her new place multiple times. All I can say is getting old stinks!) 

Traveled with Marty for a week! (That was fun!) We just went to Orlando and to Jax...and took a side trip to my beloved St Augustine. (Had a great lunch at South Beach of our favorite beachside restaurants) A good time of relaxation, shopping, and catching up with an old friend...Plus extra time with our middle son! (These guys must be "yankees" was freezing! Temps were in the mid-50s. That's COLD in Florida!)

Making decisions where we would like to live...just in case...near our kids? St Augustine? a condo? another house?

But the biggest news:

Miss Evelyn is ONE!

All in all, life it good!

Oh yes...I am painting again!!! And it makes me very happy!