Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My 92 (almost 93!) year old mother and I went to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants in Ybor City. It's a place near her childhood home...and one of the "haunts" that she and my dad used to frequent.
La Tropicana Cafe is a landmarks in Ybor...

It's known for its Cuban cuisine...well, cuisine is really too fancy a word to use here...It's know for its FOOD!... Cuban sandwiches, ostrich egg-sized deviled crabs (my FAVORITE!), beans and rice, and cafe con leche. 

Every morning, you will find the restaurant filled with old guys, dipping their Cuban toast into frothy cups of cafe con leche, reading La Gazetta (the Spanish newspaper), and discussing the events of the day. As lunch time approaches, the clientele shifts to business folk, locals, and the occasional tourists. The scent of Cuban sandwiches and black beans permeates the atmosphere...

The other day, Mom and I stopped in for a deviled crab and cafe con leche.
As we left...this is what we saw:
Yes...your eyes are NOT deceiving you. 
That's a hen with chicks!
Actually, there were 10 chicks...and a few sparrows...feasting on the sidewalk.
They live in this hibiscus bush, right next to the restaurant. As we approached, several scooted under the leaves and into the branches...a foot above the sidewalk.
This was definitely NOT something you would expect to the middle of town!!!
(I sure hope these little guys are not on the menu...Maybe I'll not order yellow rice and chicken, for awhile!)


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MY FIRST ANNIE SLOAN PROJECT... cabinet at the local Hospice Thift Store...HALF-PRICE DAY...only $17.00!!!

Bought...1 can Annie Sloan, Emperor Silk (Bright red) paint, clear and dark waxes...more than $17, but well worth it!!!

A little elbow door with dark wax, the other with clear wax. Lots more to do...

A beautiful, new cabinet to hold my dishes!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Saturday was a picture perfect day here on the Gulf coast...
After being cooped up in my studio, preparing for Art at Home, I needed a break. So MacDaddy and I drove down the street to the Dunedin Causeway...the entryway into Honeymoon Island...and the place we go just to get a tiny taste of "AHHHHHHHH.....".
We weren't the only ones with this idea...
This man was feeding (gasp!) the crows and sea gulls. This time of year, the crows migrate...usually they rest in the huge trees in our backyard. The sounds they make can be so great, that it's impossible to make conversation on the lanai. 
Today, there were hundreds of crows in the palms that lined the causeway. It was an amazing sight to see...especially when they all swooped over the water and back. Sections of the blue sky were completely blocked out! It was an amazing sight!
And then there were the gulls....these silly guys actually posed for me!
(See that huge drift log at the top right corner? I WANT that!)
This guy actually seemed happy to be alone...but what you cannot see are the  tiny birds scampering in the seaweed. There were about a dozen running about. So CUTE!
Then there were the brave souls on sail boards, paddle boards, and in kayaks. Brave, I say, because we have seen many sharks in these waters. MacDaddy actually hooked a hammerhead that was bigger than his kayak! Yikes!
This grandmother and grandson were having a ball...didn't see them catch any fish, but they caught a lot of seaweed...and giggled a lot!
On the other side of the causeway, the egrets and seagulls were fishing...and waiting for handouts from the fishermen who were lining the shore. The BIG guy had lots of tasty treats...but he really worked for them.
A few sandpipers were scampering in front of I walked back to the car.
Time to get back to the studio...

For those of you in the Tampa Bay area, please stop in on Saturday...we'd love to see you!!!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sorry I have not been around lately...I'm getting ready for the fall Art at Home....

Just 2 more weeks to go...

Here's a sneak peak at some of my painting projects...
Let's just say there is still a lot to be done...

Many more layers...
    some new techniques (for me) to perfect...

and there are a couple of commissioned pieces to complete...

So, I'll see you when I finish....

Art at Home...November 19, from 10:30 - 3ish.
If you are in the Tampa Bay area, please stop by.
You can email me for directions...