Saturday, October 17, 2009

Julianne's Coastal Cottage - Mt. Dora, FL

From almost ready.
After 3 days of unpacking cartons, moving display shelves, pricing thousands of items, Julianne's Coastal Cottage is ready for business! Mind you, there is still much to do, but Julie is now able to allow curious customers to enter the store...and even make a purchase. And boy did they ever enter! Even with no window displays...just a lot of stuff...we had at least 50 people stop in to browse...and shop!

JCC is a "Florida" store...meaning that the focus is on Florida businesses and artists. In this store you will find some wonderful artists, such as R.L. Lewis (one of the original Highwaymen, a Florida historical treasure!), Susie Toronto ( a fun and bright line of items from notecards to t-shirts with her art...from Mt. Dora), Nora Butler (she paints pictures within pictures - gorgeous), and even me. (see the crabs?)

Lilly Pulitzer (from Ft. Lauderdale) is represented, as are Florida Citrus Wines (these are fabulous for Sangria!), Ybor City hand-rolled cigars, citrus candies and jellies from the groves in Central Florida, and fabulous rubs and sauces from St. Augustine, featuring datil peppers. And we have cookbooks by local chefs and foods from The Columbia Restaurant...a well-known restaurant in Ybor City (and Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and St Augustine). There is something for everyone...including the kids.

If you are ever in Central Florida, stop in and sit a spell... Julie would LOVE to meet you!

Watch Mt. Dora news on google...there are fabulous arts shows and craft fairs. And, twice a year, there is a BIG antique market. People come from all over for these events...the last art show I attended had over 300,000 people!!! The next event is next weekend...Oct. 23-25...the Arts and Craft Fair. We were told to expect 250,000!!!

These three birds were hatched in St. Augustine. They are made from PVC, using a "secret" technique and painted.. They can be used indoors or out! When my sister and I first saw the "flock", we broke out in laughter. These photos do not do these birdies me! They are hilarious!!!

Just a few more goodies on the
shelves...I have to admit, there
were lots of things that would
look great in my coastal home...

If you are ever in the area, stop in for a visit and tell Julie you read about Julianne's Coastal Cottage on the blog. (I hope to have her online, soon)



Queen B. said...

what a fun store !
Thanks for your comment :) All I have to say is... I ate 2 for breakfast with coffee, had one for lunch, and I ate 2 more for dinner.
Ummmm...... BAD GIRL, BAD, BAD GIRL I know...but I couldn't help it !!!!!!!!!!!!

One Shabby Old House said...

I can see that you girls were certainly busy. The shop looks wonderful. I will have to stop in Nov when we go for the antique fair.

One Shabby Old House said...

PS....Your painting is adorable!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a fun store!! I have a gift shop as well and work for another furniture and gift store. This time of the year is nothing but boxes, long hours and hard work. But at the end of the day I still call it fun. I wish Julianne's the best of luck. Thanks for sharing.hugs ~lynne~

Nancy said...

It looks like a fantastic store! Wish I could drop in. I went to Mt. Dora many years ago to the large antique place. Love your crabs!

Maria Killam said...

I'm quite certain I need about 5 of those birds on my lawn!! They are great!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh Wow! I cannot wait for my next trip to Mt. Dora. Julianne's Coastal Cottage will definitely be on my list of places to visit while I am there. I love Mt. Dora and go there as often as I can.

~ Tracy

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Fun store. And I love the birds!!

Unknown said...

That is now on my list of must-go-to places! said...

Hi Jane. What a fun and whimsical store. One I would like to visit one day. I wanted to thank-you for your wonderful comments on houzz. I hope you dont mind but I am going to use them on my blog. Thanks so much. Simone.

anita said...

i LIVE in mt. dora! just a few blocks from downtown of luck with the new shop.
i'll drop by and say hello!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

How exciting! Wow, the store looks fantastic with so many wonderful finds! I love your crabs...the colors are awesome!

Blessings & Aloha!
Please pass on to Julie~ Congratulations and Well wishes!

Sheila Golden said...

Hi Jane:
I was one of Julianne's first artists in the shop--how it has grown. My cat art print is shown in your photo next to the Lewis Highwaymen art.
What an honor! Her shop looks great these days.