Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is what happens...

Here I sit in a hotel room in Orlando...using my husband's computer when he's not needing it. That means LATE AT NIGHT...and a touch pad instead of a mouse...and a small keyboard...and I cannot see the screen with or without my glasses/contacts. (It takes some getting used to!) So I made last night's post...and this morning, I realized that I spelled Janey's (jmac @ incorrectly. I do apologize, Janey. I typed MY spelling instead of yours, That's what we get for having such similar names.

I am so happy that you won...and that you are excited about having one of my paintings.
Your painting will be mailed on Friday.....

Thanks to all of you who participated in my giveaway...and THANK YOU for all your support and encouragement.

Many big hugs to all of you.



Keetha Broyles said...

I love my laptop, but I HATE its keyboard and its built in mouse.

At home I use a cordless REAL mouse and a REAL keyboard both of which I plug into lappy. When I travel, I FORCE myself to leave the REAL keyboard at home, but I ALWAYS TAKE my lovely little cordless mouse.

Kat said...

Too funny. Does hubby have one of the itty bitty mini laptops? Mine does, and that's what he likes to bring when we travel. Yikes - I can't do a thing with it, which is why I usually don't post when we are out of town. Kathy

Ms. Bake-it said...

Congratulations on your win Janey!

You are too funny Jane! I do know what you mean about the laptop though. My son has one of those small ones and when I have to borrow it, the screen is just way too small. It also took a while to get used to the keyboard.

~ Tracy

jmac said...

ok.....after much consideration....I think I just haveta have to creeping crabs!!! Even tho my lakehouse is decorated in the aquas and greens....I think cindy, charlotte and ceecee will just pop on my wall!!! I've even named them!! Creeping crabs MUST have "c" names!!
Thanks again, ms. jane!! can't wait to send you pic of where i put it!!

Shellbelle said...

Hi Jane! I finally got moved and settled (sort of) in my new home. It so nice to be back with my blogging friends after being gone for so long. I can't tell you how much I missed everyone.

Love both those paintings, wish I had been back in time to enter. I have a passion for beach huts, as you probably know from my blog. Stop by when you get a chance. I think when you see what I can see from here, you'll get a good laugh. Florida is not a distant memory by any stretch of the imagination!

I read back a bit and your Easter centerpiece was FABULOUS!

Simple Daisy said...

She's one lucky lady though:)
I love your art!!!