Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday~

Today was filled with great Mom has had a change in her attitude. She sounds more like her fighting self and is WALKING...with her fancy-dancy walker, of course. She says she has to "get moving so she can go home again!" Now this sounds like my momma!!! Yippee!!!
Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. They were truly felt and appreciated.

I also want to introduce you to my new friend, Prudence ( This creative lady has a wonderful tutorial on her blog, sharing how to make her delightful Flotsam Friends. These little dolls are created with driftwood, shells, raffia, and MAC makeup(!), among other everyday items. Please check her out...



mermaid gallery said...

Mom worries hit us hard these days. My Mom just fell and has two black eyes and we are all off to a family wedding. She is determined. Glad to hear your Mom is feeling better.....

Loui♥ said...

enjoy every moment with your Mom..
good and bad..
I lost my mom suddenly in 1971..
she was a very energetic and young 52..
and on August 9,2010..
I lost my dear Mother in Law..
who was using a walker..
living in assisted living..
with her husband of 63 years,,
they both were to turn 88 next month!
cherish and celebrate your dear Mom's milestones..
warm sandy hugs...

Drawn to The Sea said...

So glad Mom's doing well... a spunky attitude will carry her a long way!

You're so nice to feature Pru's tutorial. She's so talented, & so nice to share how she creates her art. It's a fun read!

Pleasant day :-))

Deanna said...

Dear Jane,
God bless you and your sweet momma!
So very sorry that she is dizzy and fell. May she get stronger and the dizziness disappear.

Have lifted her up in prayer.

May you have a delightful day,

Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea said...

I adore her dolls!!!

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Jane, thank you so much for sharing my Flotsam Friends on your blog. They sure are a love affair for me and I'm over the moon you guys like them too! Jane, that's awesome news about your Mum. Let her know we're all thinking of her and that we want to hear how brilliantly she's doing!! Pruxxxxxxx

Shellbelle said...

Great news!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and then the spirit kicks it and healing commences.

I love Flotsam dolls, they are so creative and just darn cute!

Hugs to you and your mom, have a wonderful weekend.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Glad to hear that you mother is up and moving. I found you from Leigh's blog and I see that you are an AUBURN fan...WAR EAGLE...just one more week!!!!