Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Day Trip Destinations in Pinellas County...and Art at Home

Sea Turtle was a commissioned painting for Tracy at MsBake-It
I am soooooo excited to share this link... You have GOT to stop by Shellbelle's Tiki Hut to see Rhonda's BEAUTIFUL "driftshell" art....Yes, her work is definitely ART! I am totally blown away by the "driftshell" heart. Can't you just imagine it hanging in your home? Click here to see her story...

and yes, she will soon have a store where her creations will be available online. Hooray!

If you are in the Tampa Bay area on Saturday, March 19, stop by and see Shellbelle's art (and my paintings!) in person! There is a lot to do in the area....Palm Harbor is between Clearwater and Tarpon Springs. To the west is Dunedin and Honeymoon Island (and Caladesi Island, consistently listed as one of the top US beaches) and to the southeast is Safety Harbor...all are interesting places to visit...with numerous cafes and restaurants. It's a wonderful place to come for a day trip.
Tarpon Springs...Sponge Docks
photo from flickr
Dunedin (wikipedia)

Honeymoon Island

Rhonda and I can direct you to some delightful restaurants and shops...or parks where you can picnic. My home is literally in the middle of some of the BEST of Pinellas county. (I feel so blessed!!!)

Email me for more information..and/or directions...

We hope to see you here!!!
Jane, Rhonda, Becky, Catherine, and Becky G.

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Loui♥ said...

Oh how I wish i could be there..
to share the excitement!
and to meet all of you in person!!
What fun and mischief you ladies will have!!
love and hugs!
good luck!!

jmac said...

can you see my lip stuck out? I'm so sad that I cannot be there...what a fun adventure that would be!! Would love to see ya'll's work, in person, not to mention hanging with two such fun chicks! Plz keep us updated on how all of it goes with stories and pics!!! mwah!!

CailinMarie said...

best wishes for the show!
stopped by via Outdoor Wednesday

Donnie said...

Sorry we'll be back in NC by then. Sounds like it will be wonderful. Loved your photos.

Kathy Walker said...

Those fortunate enough to be able to attend will have a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

hello, friend and fellow beach blogger! it's nice to see you! i do remember your blog from "before" and I'm so glad you found me again. I had a lapse in blogging for a few mos. when I switched (botched it, actually) from Blogger to WordPress. I was back to writing without any readers (unless you count my dad!).

So, Palm Harbor. Crescent Beach. Isn't Crescent Beach on the Atlantic side? I think we stayed there once for several days, while we were looking for our new home. It's lovely; I agree!

I'd love to come over on the 19th for your Artfully Grace show...I remember Shellebelle's Tiki Hut too! I'm full up with kids' stuff going on. But if any of you are ever MY way,let's plan a meet up. Shellebelle's closer, I think; perhaps an hour away in St. Mary's GA. We may be planning a day trip to Cumberland Island, before it gets too hot.

Today I made my first piece of art! I finally printed one of my photos on fine art paper and had it mounted on a foam board - 8 x 12. I put it on a black easel and it looks fantastic. Only took me 25,000 images to get on that I loved enough to spend a few dollars on. Who knows? Maybe I'll have an exhibition one day too?!

Now that we've found each other, let's stay connected. I'll put you on my blogroll and you can put me on yours, if you like. I'll watch your site for your show and how it all comes out.

And really, if you, or anyone, is coming my way, send me a message: I'd love to meet you and show you my beach town!

HollyC said...

That area is a really beautiful place to visit! I wish I were going to be in the area that weekend...I would love to visit and see all the beautiful art!! Thanks for sharing. Take lots of pics!