Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fancy Flea

Saturday was the bi-annual Fancy Flea market...and I got to spend the day with old and new GIRLFRIENDS while wandering through all the displays...

Shellbelle and I met under the oaks in Tampa and carpooled to the event. Ms Bake-It, unfortunately, had a problem at work and was unable to join us.We really missed her!!!
My "do not buy anything" plan was thwarted as soon as we entered the blocked off street...because I found this RED mirror. (I LOVE mirrors! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE RED!!!) I just had to have it.... Actually, Shellbelle encouraged me to buy it because she KNEW it would be perfect in my family room...but I decided to think about it...until I ran into Becky, from One Shabby Old House and Lace and Lures blogs. She KNOWS what I like...and she KNOWS my house.... She even told me what to offer for the I walked ran back to the vendor and bought it!!! Yippee! It's a perfect addition to my mirror wall...
Thankfully we drove in Shellbelle's car or this table and chair set might have found its way to Palm Harbor...
As would this cabinet...made from door panels...(Hey MacDaddy! Do you think you could make this for me? Mother's Day is coming...)
Since I cannot shop for "me" anymore...I decided to "shop" for few  bloggy friends.... This "pig", made from a crib headboard, is for 
Happier than a Pig in Mud. Hope she likes PINKY... (This vendor also had wall hangings that looked like circus train cars...complete with tigers, giraffes and elephants. The bars on the cages were made from more crib railings....super cute idea!
Chalkboard paint was in evidence at many of the tents... Love this silver-plated tray/chalkboard....and this
 frame with chicken wire. Wouldn't these be interesting in a home office...clip notes to the wires...magnets for notes on the tray. Who needs some interesting things for an office?
(These items were from another blogger:

For the music lover....this "piano keyboard" sofa table would be perfect in my sister's music room...(this table and so many other items were painted by the sweetest lady. She even had plastic stools painted to look like brick!)
This table and chairs were painted turquoise. Guess who I thought of.... Yep! Heather at Simple Daisy. The table and chairs would look great in her backyard...

About this time, my phone rang...It was Becky from Junk to Joy blog. She drove over to meet us at the Flea... It was my first time meeting this wonderful woman...and it felt like I had known her for YEARS!!! We found each other by waving arms like maniacs...and immediately upon introducing ourselves, we hugged (and I am not usually a hugger)...With Becky...and later, with some other wonderful was NATURAL. Becky is such a warm, funny lady. I cannot wait to get together with her again...
Now the three of us shopped...there was still so much to see. 
Red chairs...I was drawn to them. Their seat cushions were lime green and white. They would look super in my home...but the Fleur de Lis reminded me of Jessica at Thoughts of a Bama Belle. What do you think, Jessica? Do you like this stool?
How about these pillows? Who do you think would appreciate rosettes on burlap pillows? They were so were the fringed burlap pillows with linen napkin appliques. Another GREAT idea...
Would you believe it...I have this table in my dining room (still a natural mahogany). It was a treasure found in my son's "new" home. The style did not fit them, so they offered it to me. Now....what do you think? Should I paint my table red? or honeysuckle pink? Decisions...decisions...
OK, ya'll. No one can have THIS tomato red's MINE! (Wish I could have bought it...but now I have the idea...I just might have to change the color scheme in the guest room...

More to come...when I get back to my office...

Have a great week...


Ricki Treleaven said...

What a fun flea market. I would love to attend at some point! The red dresser is AH-mazing. Red is my very favorite color!

Sylvia K said...

I love flea markets! And what a great one this looks to have been! Love the colors! Some great buys! Enjoy your week!


One Shabby Old House said...

Where did you put the mirror Ms. Jane?

Simple Daisy said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day!!!! I don't think I could ever live with a red dresser...turquoise for sure...but probably not red!! Isn't it so funny how we all have colors that make our hearts happy!!

rjerdee said...

Hey Jane,
You really saw some goodies that day! I just came over from Rhonda's where she gave a full description of your dessert date with Sheila after the Flea...such a cool way to meet bloggers and have plenty to chat about!
Hugs, (I didn't know you weren't a hugger...coulda fooled me!)

Desire Empire said...

So many gorgeous pieces. Especially the mirror you purchased. I can see why you couldn't let that one go.
Best Carolyn

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Popping over to see what you bought when I should be in bed, favoring this nerve... but I'm afraid the resting is becoming a bit too nerveracking. LOL!

Love that mirror, girlfriend. It's neat, and I look forward to coming to visit it and YOU some day in the not too terribly distant future.

Fun times!


Sheila :-)

Shellbelle said...

I had so much fun, but the best part was hanging out with my blogging gal pals!

There was so much to see, I couldn't take it all in and now looking at the pics you posted, I'm saying, "Oh yea, I forgot about that cool cabinet. Where's the pic of that shutter garden table?

That's it! Next time we're taking a U-haul truck!

What's that about not being a hugger? I'm with Becky, I never would've have guessed that in a million years!

Hugs, hugs and more hugs!

Fairfield House said...

Oh I wish I lived closer so I could attend this event! I'm in NJ.
You featured some items from a wonderful shop owner and blogger above (silver plated painted tray/chalkboard, framed chicken wire)
Her name is Victoria and her blog is

Thanks for sharing your experience and finds. This is my first visit to your blog but I'll be back to read more -- so much goodness!


Seaside Style said...

Glad you guys had fun! I would have been in heaven. Loved the aqua table and chairs and the red dresser. the chalboard tray , what a cute idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,WOW!,I'd go broke here!I love this,wish we had something like this!

Thank you for visiting LazyonLoblolly.
The Paula Deen muffins were soo d@#*# good!
Hey come back anytime!
Would love if you can follow!