Friday, July 15, 2011


Imagine my SURPRISE when I stopped by Ms. Bake-It's blog this morning!! I knew Tracy was going to give away one of my original paintings, but I never thought she would share so many photos of my work...Wow! I am overwhelmed!!!

Tracy is celebrating her 2nd anniversary of blogging with a week of give-aways. And believe me, there are some wonderful things on her list. (I am partial to the gorgeous notecards from KTDesigns!) Each of them are drool-worthy... And if you don't know Tracy, you are in for a TREAT!!! She is one of the sweetest women I know. And boy, can she cook!!! She shares many of her recipes (Check out her blueberry pie. It's incredible!), lots of gorgeous "sky" photos, and her love for her family...especially for her grandbaby. (He's truly precious...and has the sweetest cheeks and lips!!!). Stop by to see her...and get on the list for her give-aways...

As for the painting I am working on for this giveaway...imagine whimsical dragonflies...similar to these. (It will be smaller...for mailing purposes. This one is huge and heavy!)  These comical guys have been hanging around on our lanai for 3 years...and they seem to eat bugs. Or maybe it's the turquoise painted wall in the background that's repelling the critters...
(Did you know...bugs don't like blue. )

Here's a few more examples of my whimsical art...
My favorite egret...NFS
Big Shoes...a commissioned item
Easter Bunny...sold
Oh what a beautiful morning...NFS
Funky Rooster...sold
Egret scratching...sold

Gobi Fish and Tropical Froggies...both sold

Be sure to visit Tracy...and come back for a visit here at Artfully Graced. I am hoping my computer nerd guru will get my website up and running soon. There I will share my newest paintings...and even offer some of my items for sale.

Have a wonderful and creative weekend.


Desert Dreaming said...

I know you have heard it before, because it is so true, your art work is beautiful...when you look at it, it just plain makes you happy!!! One very talented woman I must say. And, a bit jealous, I can't even draw a stick figure to look like a stick figure!!! Hope you have a great (and maybe not so hot) weekend!!!!

Your Florida neighbor....

Alicia said...

Tracy wanted me to come over and say hi if I was new to your blog, but I'm not new. I follow you and I love your work! said...

Jane these are amazing, and you did it, you have done what most people dream of. Following a dream or passion.

rjerdee said...

Hi Jane,
Congrats on the feature and'll make someone VERY happy with your cheerful painting!

Please check your gmail...there's a special note there.

Decor To Adore said...

It is a yeah day! Good for you.

Love the funky rooster. Before this I had only heard of the funky chicken. :)

Nana's Nuggets said...

Beautiful! I love these paintings! What a gift! I just love the 'shoes":) that is a Happy:) painting, and the dragonflies are so cute! Love it all!

michelle said...

Jane you artwork is absolutely beautiful!! So fun and so happy. :) Love the dragonflies!

Moore Minutes said...

Your art is just gorgeous! This is exciting. You are exceptionally talented. I'm excited about the giveaway! :)