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Turn back the the 50s and 60s. Kathleen's and Scott's house was filled with the sounds of Elvis, Little Richard, Gene Pitney, Pat Boone (Kathleen's favorite),girl groups from Motown and more... Aromas of classic foods wafted through the air...Chicken Divan, Shrimp Cocktail, Cheese Balls, Bisquick Sausage Balls, Deviled Eggs, and lots of finger sandwiches. Hula Hoops lined the sidewalk, greeting guests as they arrived. A dance floor was cleared and dance contests were held...along with trivia questions, hula hoop contests, and more. Prizes for these contests were waiting on silver trays...Slinkys, Play Doh, Boston Baked Beans candy and Wrigley Spearmint Gum...all items introduced in the 1950s and 60s. 
This photo was taken after the meal was done...
(We didn't arrive until after  the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Of course,
watching Auburn play took precedent over anything else...and we had a
huge group at our home, eating chicken nuggets, in honor of the sponsor of the game.)
There were even "POODLE" cookies for dessert!

Photos from the 1950s and 60s were copied from the internet and framed in "Dollar Store" black frames. These were displayed on the mantle, the coffee table, and other surfaces throughout the room. These photos included Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Elvis, Lucy and Marilyn Monroe, ads from this time period, and so much more...
The foyer table had framed photos (from the internet), album covers, sundae dishes with bubble gum...

and a CD  of the host's high school rock/garage band. He's the bass player!
(That was a loooong time ago, Scott!)
For the mantle, we interspersed the framed photos with record album covers and LPs (from Salvation Army). A round-bulbed light string was added for a festive touch.
 And a purchased "car" was placed in front of the opening.
 This was later used for photographs of the guests...
The table was covered with a black and white checked cloth. There was a runner in the middle ...made from a 50s car covered fabric. The centerpiece was made from a GW cupcake stand, 45s and glue. Salvation Army LPs were placed on the table. Bubble gum was tossed all over the table, and Good and Plenty Candies were in old-fashioned sundae glasses.
LPs were also fastened to cake stands...just a little dot of hot glue did the trick. These stands were used for some of the finger sandwiches.

How to make the centerpiece...

One GW cupcake stand - $3.05
Gently pull out a few of the "springs" and tilt them.
Run a bead of hot glue to the uppermost part of the spring and attach a 45 record.

Fill in as needed...I used 9 records.


1.  Pimiento Cheese (purchased - I love the spread from The Fresh Market) on VERY THIN Pepperidge Farm white bread

2.  Chicken and Pecan (finely diced white chicken meat, finely chopped pecans, a tiny touch of mayo   or (gasp) Miracle Whip...just enough to bind the ingredients) on VERY THIN Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread

3.  Cream Cheese and Green Olive on soft white bread
     To soften cream cheese, add diced green olive and mix together. 
     Add a little of the olive juice to make it easier to spread.

4.  Cucumber Sandwiches on soft whole wheat bread
     Spread a very thin layer of Ranch Dressing on one slice of the bread. 
     Spread a very thin layer of whipped cream cheese on the other slice of bread.
     Top this slice with very thin slices of seedless cucumber. Top with the remaining bread.

5.  Lemon Curd and Cream Cheese on soft white bread
     Spread one slice of bread with a thin layer of soft cream cheese. Top with a thin layer of
     lemon curd (purchased). Top with another slice of bread and gently press together.

6.  Cherry Nut Spread on soft white bread
     To softened cream cheese, add diced maraschino cherries and finely chopped pecans. (The filling will be a light pink.)

The SECRET to slicing crusts from bread and cutting these tiny sandwiches is using a serrated edge knife. (I share this because the ladies who were preparing the sandwiches were mangling them by pressing down and cutting with a regular knife. We had to toss several sandwiches away.) With a very light touch, hold the sandwich together with your fingers and gently "saw" the crusts from the bread. Then gently "saw" the sandwiches into triangles, rectangles or squares. The Lemon Curd/Cheese sandwich is easily cut with a round tiny biscuit cutter, if you desire.

Judging from the way the guests ate...these tiny sandwiches are still CLASSICS and ENJOYED today. Any of them are good for tea, parties, showers, game nights. They are an economical way to serve tasty food to guests without breaking the bank!
      A-wop bop-a loo-mop, a-lop bam-boom! 


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Kaybe said...

Now that's a rockin New Year's Eve that even Dick Clark would be proud of. All the nifty 50 & 60 touches made it really too cool for school. Happy New Year!

jmac said...

OMG!!! how fun!!! Adorable decorations and too cool for school foods!! I still love me up some finger sammies...! Ya'll must have had a ba bop bop bop...!

Moore Minutes said...

Wow! What a party to pull off. The food sounds incredible as always. I want to come to a party of yours. :)

I really love how you had decorations that were originally introduced in the 50s.

You're too fun...always!

rjerdee said...

I always think of you when Auburn plays :)