Monday, May 21, 2012


This has been an amazing weekend (exhausting, too!)!

On Friday,  I taught my first cooking class!

               With a class of 14, we made and feasted on crustless quiche, coconut chicken bites, roasted vegetables, chicken and spinach pizza, cappuccino bites, and a citrus cake. This was so much fun!
All the foods were delicious and the guests had fun. That's all I ever hope for.....
(Sold some great cooking tools, too. That's always nice!)

Saturday afternoon, I got to babysit for my wonderful granddaughter!
Her parents really had to twist my arm to do this...NOT!

On Saturday night, I baked...and baked...and baked...and....enjoyed being with MG, DB and Sweet Catherine! They came to hang out...while I baked the desserts for Adam's "surprise" graduation party.

This was graduation weekend for our eldest...WG. He finally graduated from college. Taking classes through the "experienced learners" at Eckerd College, WG completed the education he began at Auburn 14 years ago. I am so proud of awe of his perseverance and dedication. He graduated with a 3.6+ average! (Not bad for the kid who "had a lot of fun" for his first 3+ years!)

The graduation ceremony was held outdoors, early Sunday morning, under HUGE tents...alongside the college's private beach and sailing school buildings.

Throughout the ceremony, gorgeous sailboats sailed back and forth...Students from the sailing school were manning the boats. So beautiful!

With the families and friends having to arrive an hour before the ceremony (we're talking
7am...meaning that we were up at 5:00 am to get there), the college set up tents with a continental breakfast ... Coffee, tea, juices, and lots of wonderful baked goods. They also provided huge barrels of iced, bottled water, strategically places throughout the grounds and around the perimeter of the graduation tent.  There was a lot of thought put into this celebration.

The ceremony was not terribly long...except for the speaker. I think she forgot she was giving the commencement address and not her dissertation on marine life. (The president had to stop her...after almost an hour!)
Eva spent much of the time going from lap to lap...She loves her Gramps' watch.
(She was dressed in the school colors!)

Here's our college graduate and his familly...newlywed (just a year) father!
What a crazy, roller coaster year this has been for him.
And we're so proud!

Now it's time to PARTY!

And this is how we all looked at the end of the day...

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