Thursday, October 10, 2013


How is it that every time I entertain, I am never done in the kitchen before my guests arrive? Is it because I am truly disorganized? Or is it something GREATER???

All the cleaning is done...all the tools are put away. I am dressed and ready to greet guests. But then,there's still bread to slice, lemons to slice...appetizers to place on platters...even silverware to shine and place on the table (oops! I forgot that!!!) 

(Tip - Wipe silverware with a soft cloth and Evian, or any sparkling water. This removes any spots and gives a beautiful shine to flatware.

But my guests...really good friends...come in and after hugs are exchanged, they always ask,
"What can we do to help?"  Sometimes I am not sure if this is pure willingness to help, or that they just expect me to be behind... Then again, my friends are always asking how I do to make this or that dish...and by working at my side, they learn new techniques and recipes. (And they even teach me some new tricks!) And you know, we really have a good time in the kitchen! So I choose to believe that is the true reason...

How about you...are you always ready when your guests arrive? Or are you like me..."slightly" disorganized?

Happy cooking!

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jmac said...

I am such a dork....I HAVE to have everything ready...prepped, decorated and on the table before anyone gets there. Half of my fun of entertaining is the 15 min before guests are expected. To walk around and see and smell my clean house and how "purty" everything looks! That and the fact that I don't wanna miss one dingle dangle thing that happens or might be said while I'm still in the kitchen!! Like I said..DORK!