Thursday, March 5, 2015

A New Place to Call Home...

 A New Home...

MacDaddy and I were so sad to leave St. Augustine, but we are loving our new home in Palm Harbor.  It's not the beach but we are on the water...a canal that runs from Tampa Bay to Lake Tarpon, the biggest lake in our area. We have a daily show of wildlife...birds, deer, raccoons...and the occasional gator.

Condo living is better than I ever expected... We love not having to do maintenance and lawn care. Yes, we downsized, but we are actually in a larger place. Having 3 stories to climb each day (several times) is great exercise! It's quiet here, too, yet we are in the middle of "civilization". (We have 8 Starbucks in a 5 mile radius.)
This is one of our daily visitors.

Most mornings, these lovelies are part of a herd we see almost daily. This is across the canal. We also have deer visitors across the street every evening...right now there are a couple of fawns making their debut...

Early morning on the canal...the water is still, except for the occasional jumping fish and the nesting coots. I love how the vegetation reflects...looks like mountains. This view is from the balcony off our bedroom. I love greeting the day from here...

So even if we're no longer on our beloved Crescent Beach, we are in another kind of Paradise...

near our granddaughter and the rest of the family.
And it's wonderful!



jmac said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! what a joy to see you back around here. Worry so much about my lil blogging buddies when I can't find ya!!
Looks oh, so peaceful and serene.
Sooooo happy that the move is behnd you and the sky in your heart looks happy again!!!

Deanna said...

Miss reading your blog,

The Quintessential Magpie said...


I have been MIA from blogging and life, and I just wanted to check in and see how you are. Looks like you have settled in a great spot. I think it is important to be near family, and I wish mine were closer. It has been tough being away from them all these years, but I hope to rectify that soon.

Our house project is still ongoing, and the stress has been something else. My strength is coming back bit by bit, and for that, I am so grateful.

Please email me and let me know how you are. I pray all is well. Sending love to all of you and a big hug for you and McDaddy!


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