Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurley... My Best Friend

Due to a spontaneous trip across the state to St Augustine trip , I am taking a short break from Tablescaping... Food...etc. as I get ready. Hooray!!! My sister and I are hitting some of the local artists as we search for ideas for the shop in Mt Dora. So....Rowdy, the wonderful Goldie mix from my last post, is taking to the keyboard... Jane

Hi! I'm Rowdy. We met last week when I went to the beach with my mom and dad. That was such a fun day! I only wish that my best friend, Hurley, was with me. So since she was not able to go and you did not get to meet her, I am going to tell you about her.

This is Hurley, my very best friend. When my "brother #3" and his girlfriend brought her home, she weighed about 7 pounds and had the funniest ears. They stuck straight out from her head like those noisy helicopters I sometimes see when they fly over our house. And they were so BIG! At first, I thought she was a snack... or a toy (I used to love playing with baby rabbits and Hurley was about the same size!) But when she walked over to me and curled up between my legs, I knew that my life was going to change!

Hurley is a "Boggle"...that's one of those stupid designer dogs which cost way too much money (She's really a mutt, like me). She is a mixture of a Boston Terrier and a Beagle...or as my Dad says, "a support system for a nose". During the first few months she lived with us, she was always getting into trouble. She tore up all my favorite know those soft ones that are just right to sleep with. Then she moved on to carpets and doors. My parents tried to put her in a kennel but she cried and threw tantrums and actually hurt herself. Then they tried putting her in my gold pen...She jumped right over the top and caught one of her toes on the side of the pen . She hung upside down! It WAS kind of funny, but I did not want her to be hurt. So all we could do was close doors and try to keep her in just one room. Hurley was real smart though, and as little as she was, she learned how to open some of the doors.Thanks to Hurley-Girl, Mom finally got the new floors she had always wanted. (I like them...they're cool to lay on and my feet slide when I lay down. That's fun!)

Here's Hurley, when she was still a puppy, standing on the bass drum from her daddy's drum kit. She didn't like it when her daddy stepped on the drum pedal!

Hurley is my best friend! She likes to cuddle with me. I think it's to make up for all my snuggle toys that she ate. We sleep on the couch together and play together. She's always stealing my bones and chewies. But she brings them back to me. I am teaching her to swim and to watch football and baseball. Hurley loves cheering for Auburn and the Rays...or maybe she just likes those dumb outfits her mom gets for her to wear during the games.
My brother #3 (Hurley's daddy)and his girlfriend got married last year and Hurley moved to her new house. I was real upset when Hurley moved away. But she comes to see me almost everyday. And sometimes we even have sleep-overs!

I hope you liked meeting my best friend, Hurley. If you're nice, she will shake hands with you. Just be sure you don't mention her funny E-A-R-S. She's kind of sensitive about them since the don't flop over or stand straight up. You don't want to hurt her feelings.

5 comments: said...

That 2nd photo made me chuckle. Adorable dog.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

What a gorgeous little dog. It reminds me of my first dog that was a mix between a boxer and something else. "Designer Dogs"... is that how they call them!? Pure dogs!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aww... love Hurley's ears :o) hmmm... Rowdy, great story telling! so, I was trying to figure this out... um Hurley would be your nephew!

And how awesome that you live close enough to do the visits and sleepovers!

Blessings & Aloha to you, Rowdy!...oh yes, Hurley and the rest of the fam too.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

oops! I meant to also add a note to um... Rowdy's mom...

Please pass this message:

Thank you for coming by! I'm so glad you made it...
Thank you for your kind comments and I'm happy you enjoyed my artwork.

Please feel free to email me any time.

(like I mentioned at one of my beach parties...regarding the drawings...ANY name and ANT thing can be drawn...the samples shown are just a few of the many I have done over the years.)

Sorry to reply to you this way...but I couldn't find your contact email...but then again it might be the fact that when it comes to blogging...I am still a newby and could just be clueless! haha

Lara Harris said...

OMD!How cute!:)