Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lake Harris

The chain of lakes, located just north of Orlando, include some of the most beautiful lakes in Florida. Most of these lakes are linked together by navigable canals. Several towns are built at the edges of the lakes, including Tavares and Mount Dora. Dotted along the shore, you can find restaurants where you can dock your boat and enjoy a meal. Lake Harris is the biggest of these lakes...covering over 15,000 acres...and the lake featured in these photos.

These photos were taken from the shore and dock at my sister's home on Lake Harris. She and her husband walk to the dock each evening to watch the sun setting over the water. The fishing in this lake is great...must be why Lake Harris is home to many bass-fishing tournaments. Off the dock at my sister's home, BIL hooked "Walter", a 12 pound bass, right after he dropped his hook! (Of course, Walter was returned to the lake.) At this time of day you can spy great alligators cruising the shoreline. Thankfully, they rarely bother humans.

These photos were taken on Sunday afternoon, from the shore at my sister's home in Tavares. Although it is difficult to determine distance in this would take almost 30 minutes in the boat to reach the shore across the lake. The sunsets are absolutely spectacular....

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Lynn said...

What gorgeous sunsets! I know your sister feels really blessed to have such beauty to marvel at each evening.

One Shabby Old House said...

Breath taking