Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'll be back...soon

To all my blog friends,
It's been a crazy few weeks and blogging has been on the back burner. With all the company, cooking, and decorating, I have fallen behind on so many things. Plus...I began painting again. I have been in a dry spell...not feeling very creative...until this week. Decorating for the holidays always gets me moving...and I have been painting canvases to use as part of my decor.

I promise that I will be back soon... In the meantime, I will try to keep up with your posts. You are always an inspiration to me.


ps Here's a photo of my whole crew... only Rowdy (the golden retriever) is missing. He decided to lay down at the last minute. Oh least all three of my boys, and their ladies (2) were all together. (As you can tell, we were all stuffed and sleepy after our Thanksgiving meal.)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Jane
Cute photo... and the doggie up the back makes me laugh... cute..

Have fun and enjoy your artwork... xx Julie

Kat said...

Great family photo. The dog perched in the back made me smile, very funny. Have fun painting again, glad the creative juices are flowing. Kathy

Sarah said...

Jane, thanks for stopping by for a visit. I know what you mean about putting the blog on the back burner. So much going on this time of year! Love the family photo. How wonderful to have three sons. Great looking family. Blessing for the holidays. ~ Sarah

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Great photo! Looks like fun. Enjoy your break.



jmac said...

Right there with ya, girlfriend, on the "busy-ness of the season". Seems like everytime I look up, I'm either getting out of bed or going back to bed...where does the time in between go??? know we wouldn't have it any other way!! Have a wonderful holiday season!!

Moore Minutes said...

Oh how fun seeing your family photo! I KNOW you have such a wonderful family. <3 How did your son's bread turn out?!! Super impressed with his new baking hobby. :D Also! I checked out that Thanksgiving symbol treats you referred me to and I'm so happy that I did. Thank you SO much for telling me about it. I saved the info and will certainly do it next year. It was an incredible idea. I so appreciate YOU!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Jane, enjoy the season, take it easy and slow!

Shellbelle said...

What a wonderful family photo. Enjoy your break and your art — life is good!

Stop by on Wednesday if you get a chance, we went to the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee to see ICE over the weekend and I'm going to post pictures. Have you ever been? This was our second visit and we just love it! said...

Hi Jane, enjoy your break and we will be here when you return.

Bama Belle said...

I am thrilled to learn of your news!! How excited you all must be! I miss your posts dear friend. I cannot wait to hear of all the plans!!

CailinMarie said...

painting again!
sorry I am new to your blog but those words are worth celebrating anyway!
good for you!

Eileen said...

Great photo!
Lovely family gathering!

So nice to hear you are painting and busy with joyful things.
I haven't been blogging much either, I am trying to set up a post for Tablescape Thursday but that's about it.

All the best,