Monday, June 25, 2012


SCENES AROUND TAMPA BAY...TROPICAL STORM DEBBY HAS MADE A MESS! (and she's still at it! Winds are coming though here with gust of 50 mph!) There were several tornadoes yesterday...and we are still under a threat of tornadoes and rain until Wednesday.

Bright House Field...the spring training home of the Phillies...and summer home of the Threshers. It's a beautiful totally underwater!

Major damage to this beach house on Pass-a-Grille...This area was hit by a tornado. There were several tornadoes and water spouts in the afternoon and evening.

Local boats...tossed up onto the docks.

Just north of us...

A lifeguard stand at Clearwater Beach...

One of 6 sailboats submerged just north of us in the Tarpon Springs area.
This is a travel park, just a couple of miles from my home...Most of these folks were here on vacation. I am amazed at the amount of water!

This is in Dunedin, FL...just a couple of miles from me. (We're on a flooding at our house.)
Dunedin had 10+ inches of rain, yesterday!

Floating along Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa. The wave are in the bay...the people are floating along the sidewalk. The balustrade is all that "separates" the bay from the road, sidewalk, and beautiful homes.
Even with the moments of clear skies, today, the Skyway Bridge...the link between St. Petersburg and Sarasota/Bradenton (part of I-75) is still closed due to high winds.

These photos were found on the ABC Action News site.

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rjerdee said...

wow amazing shots...we've been least the fields got some much-needed rain?