Tuesday, June 26, 2012

100 YEARS OLD!!!

Today, June 26, is a very special day...

It's Aunt Hortense's 100th birthday!

You might remember my post last year, about this dynamic lady. She went kayaking for her 99th birthday.
This year's celebration was a bit quieter...but not by much.
All her family...her sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren shared a very large beach house on Jax beach. Then on Saturday, all her extended family and friends who could make it, gathered at the beach house to celebrate.

Here's a photo of Aunt Hortense (100) with her sisters, Vic (95) and Helen ( mom), plus Alma (91), their sister-in-law.

We had a wonderful time, celebrating Hortense...and all the family. And we ate the most wonderful food...Cuban-style, of course! And it was quite tasty. Not bad for a caterer who had never prepared Cuban food...impressive!)
We had boliche, arroz con pollo, frijoles negros, plantains, and Cuban sandwich "sliders" (yummy!). There was also salad and chilled grilled veggies. It was a wonderful spread, enjoyed by all.

Gee...I wonder what we'll be doing for Aunt Hortense's 101st birthday...


btw...the Mayor of Jacksonville has declared that today is Hortense DelValle Morris honor of all the volunteering and community service Hortense and her late husband have done in their city and in their retirement home. They were an amazing couple... Hortense is still active in her retirement community, helping wherever there is a need. What an amazing woman!

PS...MacDaddy and I are celebrating our 36th anniversary today, too! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband...


rjerdee said...

congrats to everyone!

jmac said...

Happy Anniversary to you two.....EVEN THO HE HAS ON AN AUBURN T-SHIRT!!!!
and happy birthday to your aunt! sure have some healthy genes running in your family!!

Moore Minutes said...

I remember your post about her last year and that will forever still in my mind. This is just so exciting and amazing! All of these girls look incredible. They are beautiful women. :) I'm pinning their picture because I'm so inspired by them. Hope you're loving your summer Jane!

Moore Minutes said...

Oh and Happy Anniversary too! Those are the best things to celebrate. <3

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