Monday, July 2, 2012


I am obsessed with PIZZA!  all kinds!!!

Maybe it's because I am always asked for simple pizza recipes at my cooking classes. Maybe it's because they are so EASY and QUICK to make. Maybe it's because they are a great way to used up leftovers.
(Ever tried a leftover Piccadillo with green olives, topped with sharp cheddar cheese pizza? Amazing!)

Whatever the reason... I am making pizzas all the time. And my husband LOVES it!!!

When in a hurry, I use prepared dough from the Publix has balls of pizza dough in the bakery case (or in the freezer...just ask). And...if I'm in a REAL hurry, I'll succumb to using a Pillsbury crust in a can. (It's not too bad...especially if you doctor it up a bit).

Most recently, I was asked to prepare a BREAKFAST PIZZA for one of my cooking classes. This was  a new concept for me....leftover pizza was my idea of a breakfast pizza! So after a little experimenting (YUM!), this is the pizza we made...

Using the Flexipat*** and a Perforated Baking Tray, we used a Pillsbury Pizza crust (the LONG can) for expediency...then topped it with diced ham, chopped spinach, diced tomatoes and green onions. Then we scrambled 5 eggs in a bowl, and poured it over the unbaked crust and toppings. Finally, we topped the whole pizza with freshly grated mozzarella cheese. The pizza baked in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes, until the crust was lightly toasted on the sides. After resting a few minutes, it slid right out of the Flexipat, onto a cutting board. (NEVER use sharp items with Flexis or Silpats!)


Other topping ideas to try...
      Jimmy Dean precooked sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, and eggs*
      Crumbled bacon and cheddar cheese, eggs*
      Chopped fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, cheese (Swiss is good), eggs*

*For this size pizza, 5 "scrambled" eggs should be enough.
*** We chose to use the Flexipat due to the runny egg mixture. Pizza can also be made directly on a Silpat.

This is definitely an EVERYDAY EASY meal for your family! 
Breakfast...Lunch....or Dinner


Debbie said...

looks yummy!

jmac said...

ok girlfriend..,...I want everything it takes to make that pizza! Cereally. I wanna place an order with ya. I'll email ya after the 4th!

rjerdee said...

you are such a wiz!
my grandson and i are getting into spam for the 4th...hickory smoked spam loaf with brown sugar on top, spiked with whole cloves, garden vegetable salad with oven roasted turkey spam, and spam mac 'n cheese 4 the kids:)

DeborahG said...

Hey, got free apron from Prestos Pizza. You can too.